A note from Jamie:

 The past year has presented challenges beyond that which we could have expected to ever face, although, admittedly, many face worse every day.  

The period has been loaded with frightening developments, frustrating setbacks, considerable successes, remarkable blessings and tragic loss.  It has consisted of too much time in hospital beds and too little time being productive.  But, it has also allowed me to spend a great deal of time with my children, a blessing itself, while recovering at home.  

It has made me, at times, an anxiety-ridden mess.  It has also caused me to become more grateful, thoughtful, considerate, open-minded, positive and humble; a better person.  

It is with this newfound humility and overwhelming gratitude that I thank you for your support.  

A good friend and my siblings, having spent much time helping to care for my family the past fourteen months, have taken it upon themselves to seek assistance to provide stability for my family knowing that I would never do so, myself.  

Being the recipient of others’ goodwill and generosity is not a comfortable position to be in but I am humbled beyond words.  I am also grateful for our champions’ recognition of our circumstances and consideration in acting on our behalf to enable us to continue to provide stability for our children.

Focusing upon each recovery goal and amidst the frantic nature of the daily duties, it’s become easy to lose sight of the fact that this fight is ultimately to survive.  I will never give up to that end.  We are immensely grateful to everyone who has contributed positive energy, prayer and care to our effort.  Please know we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support, and we never lose sight of that. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

For Jamie, Amy, Brynn, Killian, & Elliot

Hello. I’m Jamie’s brother, Jesse. Thank you to all the wonderful people who asked me to set up this page on behalf of Jamie and his family. Your kindness, generosity, and help are appreciated and inspiring. Click the button below to make a donation.

How This Works

Donations can be made via check, credit, or debit cards through the PayPal system above. I will deliver 100% of any funds donated to Jamie and his family as soon as they come in. Donations will be anonymous so that Jamie cannot refuse them. I will leave this page up and available.

If you’d like to send Jamie, Amy, or the kids words of support, please contact them directly. If you’d prefer not to use PayPal, please call or text me at 802-379-9070.

Thank you.